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Buy Lightware Video Technology from Logando

As a leading manufacturer in the field of signal management, Lightware is known for quality in the event sector as well as for fixed installations. The Belgian company is particularly convincing with its EDID management and modular matrix system, which can be individually equipped with different input and output cards. 

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Buy Lightware AV over IP

UBEX and VINX are the name of Lightware’s product series that allow AV signals to be transmitted over the IP network. The AV over IP systems offer numerous advantages both in installation and application.

Buy Lightware Extender

Suitable extenders for the transmission of AV signals over long distances from Lightware can be found in our online shop. Bridge the distance between signal source and receiver during trainings, conferences or presentations.

Buy Lightware Matrix-Switcher

In order to switch between different input signals during a transmission without loss, you won’t be able to avoid the Lightware matrix switches. So you can safely combine displays, Kamereas, DVD players or beamers in your transmission and can rely on the undisturbed transmission of video and audio signals.

Buy Lightware Input/Outputboards

Equip your matrix switcher with input and output cards according to your requirements. The Inputcards and Outputcards of Lightware can be individually combined in the corresponding Matrix frames. 


Lightware products feature a video frame rate analyzer with continuous feedback on pixel count and clock frequency.


The cable diagnostic tool can display the exact transmission error rate between transmitter and receiver.

Open API

All individual data in lightware systems are open to higher-level management and monitoring systems.

Buy Lightware Interfaces

In the Interfaces section you will find distribution amplifiers, fiber optic splitters or EDID managers from Lightware – the little helpers that make your signal management faster, safer and easier.

Lightware Fixed Installations

Lightware also offers a wide range of control panels, wall and floor installations for fixed installations. Plan your premises directly with Lightware’s attractive control panels for a permanently installed signal management system that impresses with its ease of use and clean design.

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