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Buy Philips indoor LED walls

Indoor signage for the highest demands: Special LED technology with the finest pixel pitch

1. Enormous dimensions & brightness

Screens from 55 Inch upwards, with up to 1,000 cd / m².

2. Convenient video control

Integrated video controller saves additional components.

3. Excellent picture quality

ZeroBezel and TrueBlack technology for homogeneous and brilliant images.

LED screens in impressive dimensions with Philips LED displays

For large-scale permanent installations in continuous operation, you have hereby found the optimal solution. The 55 Inch modules from Philips are available with a pixel pitch of either 2.5 mm or 1.8 mm. The frame-free design allows completely seamless LED large screens to be realized in enormous dimensions. Starting with a 3 x 3 setup, you can achieve full HD quality with the LED displays. Philips delivers consumer-friendly indoor LED solutions that go beyond the capabilities of any conventional display. Thanks to EasyInstall function, the modules are quick to install and easy to maintain.

With the high refresh rate of 5,100 Hz, the BDL modules deliver dynamic content that also fits the demands of live broadcasts. Philips TrueBlack technology guarantees high colored image with high contrasts and deep black tones. It ensures uniformly colors and homogenous images for a pleasant viewing experience without tiring or irritating the eyes.

Discover Philips LED systems:

Philips LED screens start at 55 Inch and are infinitely scalable to huge video walls. They are designed for continuous operation, without Bezel for seamless transitions, flicker-free thanks to high refresh rates and brilliant with TrueBlack technology and Direct View LED.

Explore the possibilities with Philips LED displays with either 2.5 mm or 1.8 mm pixel pitch.

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