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Indoor signage for the highest demands: Special LED technology with HDR

1. LED technology with HDR

Brilliant contrasts up to 217 Inches.

2. UHD-Signage-Box

Signal redundancy and compatibility with Magic-Info.

3. 3. DSLR calibration

Finetuning of your visual content for consistent image delivery.

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217 Zoll Full HD LED Wand von Samsung Anwendungsbild

Your benefits with LED walls from Samsung:

  • Pixel pitch of 1.5 mm, 2 mm or 2.5 mm
  • Special LED technology with HDR (High Dynamic Range) for optimum image quality
  • High grayscale for impressive picture quality even with low brightness settings
  • UHD signage box, high signal redundancy and compatibility with content platforms for low operational complexity
  • DSLR calibration for fine tuning of visual content for consistent image delivery
  • Flexible service access from front and rear for easy maintenance and clean and quick installation
  • 36 months warranty and service


LED signage in brilliant Full HD picture quality

With the IF Full HD series Samsung is breaking new ground in LED technology and delivering an innovative device series that allows new possibilities of visual indoor presentations. The traditional Samsung brand stands for quality, state-of-the-art technology as well as the best service.

Special LED technology with HDR ensures perfect contrasts, enormous brightness and an outstanding overall impression of the image content. The colors and the brightness of each LED set and also of each LED module can be individually adapted to the ambient conditions and lighting conditions at any time. This is possible because you can manage settings quickly, intuitively and simply via a remote control. So you can make adjustments to the LED wall at any time. The LED HDR Scene Adaptation technology analyzes and optimizes the color gradation and brightness of each scene. A unique grayscale management algorithm provides perfect color gradations without blue, red or green areas at low brightness levels.

The LED technology supports different color gamut modes like SRGB, Adobe RGB and the natural LED mode so you can always choose the perfect image according to your needs or you can adjust the color gamut individually to your special environmental conditions. The LED modules are factory calibrated for a homogeneous image. In addition Samsung also offers DSLR calibration on site as an extra service to give you a perfect and consistent presentation.


HDR-Effekt bei Samsung LED-Modulen und LED-KomplettsetsGrauwertkorrektur bei Samsung LED-Modulen und LED-KomplettsetsFarbraeume bei Samsung LED-Modulen und LED-Komplettsets

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